Sunday, February 28, 2010

Take a Ticket and Wait

6 o’clock pm (Dinner time)
Hi my name is Carl and on behalf of Cablevision we would like award you as a valued customer a package in which you get free Showtime for 3 weeks as well as many other free channels.
No Thank you.
But this is an incredible opportunity to...
You would be getting…
Carl right?
I’m sorry I can’t talk right now; I’m in the middle of eating dinner. Why don’t you give me your home phone number and ill call you later. Oh you don’t want people calling your home? Now you know how I feel. (click)

This is a conversation that occurred while my mom’s sausage and peppers were loosing their steam and beginning to get cold. I hate, when people interrupt me, either when it is when I am just talking, or when I’m eating. I’m not one to have a desire to gobble up my food as quick as possible, I like to sit down in peace and enjoy my dinner with no interruptions. When a person calls I go bonkers. This poor telemarketer has to deal with this everyday, but that’s not under his jurisdiction. He can’t help not calling at dinner time, and I can’t help loosing my cool when he keeps rambling on after I tell him “No thank you.”
I understand that these people have a job to do, but c’mon, dinner time? It might be the worst time to call, and I don’t think anyone in the world would want to discuss free Showtime at 6pm while a hearty, juicy S&P is sitting on the table. Okay, I’ll admit it. The response I said to this telemarketer was not all my words. I was watching Seinfeld one night and this same occurrence happened to Jerry when he was sitting down for dinner. So I borrowed his lines for a night, big deal. It’s not like I can call Seinfeld producers and ask them if I can use Jerry’s lines for an evening. Everyone does it these days. Who doesn’t quote movies and television?
What I’m getting at is that I despise people interrupting me. Actually despise is an understatement, I absolutely go psycho. I have no intentions in ruining that persons day, but my alter ego comes alive and I flip. Sitting in the classroom I can understand a teacher interrupting me, but when a student tries to blurt something out when I am in the middle of a thought, I restrain myself from cursing them out, and give them the stink eye. If you don’t know what the stink eye looks like, this is a good thing. Although Carl the Cablevision guy could not see my sink eye, he could definitely feel the hatred vibe through the telephone wires. To this day my house has not received a call during dinner, and if we do, let just say their going to get the Jerry quote.

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  1. Sorry to but in here, but I'm glad to see that you are writing again!!